The Subjects I'm Teaching


Conic Sections, Systems of Nonlinear Equations, Series and Mathematical Induction, Circular and Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometric Identities, and Polar Coordinate System.

Basic Calculus

Limit of a Function, Derivatives, Integrals, Continuity, Extreme Values, Related Rates, Population Models, and Areas of Plane Regions.

General Mathematics

Rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions to solve business-related problems and apply logic to real-life problems.

Statistics & Probability

Mean and Variance of Random Variable, Sampling Techniques and Distributions, Population Mean and Proportion, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Regression.


Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Development, Business Plan Implementation, and Terminal Report Presentation

Work Immersion

Exposing students with work-related environment related to their field of specialization and prepare them for employment and higher education.

Stock Trading Simulation

Provide students simulation of the local stock trading reflecting the real-time movements in PSE.

Entrep Fair

The student independently or with his/her classmates starts and operates a business according to their business plan.

Flipped Classroom

Provide students an avenue to access content they are learning anytime at anywhere.

Statistical Analysis

Making sense on data and avenue for students to consult with statistical tools to be used on their research projects.

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